Water lily pond analysis essay

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The rising sea levels had also submerged around 7, 500 hectares 19, 000 acres of forest areas. The water lily pond at Monet's home in Giverny, north west of Paris, became the principal motif of Monet's later paintings. Lling the canvas, the surface.

Most artists would avoid such a positioning of their subject as it is difficult to reproduce any detail - and even hard to simply look at your subject. In his later years, Monet also became increasingly sensitive to the decorative qualities of color and form.

water lily pond analysis essay
  1. Lee, Iara 1 December 2014. Art Institute of Chicago, A Guide to the Paintings in the Permanent Collection Art Institute of Chicago, 1925 , p.
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  3. The paintings were not fully appreciated in Monet's lifetime, and when they were reassessed in 1950s, some critics viewed them as precursors ofAbstract Expressionism.
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  5. A purchase receipt on Durand-Ruel letterhead, dated February 10, 1914, details that this painting no. Vivian Russell, Monets Water Lilies Little, BrownFrances Lincoln, 1998 , pp.

Water Lily Pond Analysis Essay

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